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Partner with us to add fleet sharing and digital rental to your services.

With MyMove you can offer the best software solution for organizations that wish to share or rent a fleet. We help them to successfully adopt shared mobility and digital rental with simple hardware and software solutions.

Our partners
Ginion mobility solutions
Group Mobility Solutions
Location Solutions

Our partnership model

partnership model
Hardare providers

Hardware providers

We are hardware agnostic and can connect to keyless dongles, connected cars, vans, bikes, steps or scooters or even to OEM’s APIs.

Software providers

Software providers

With our open API, we can integrate to any fleet management softwares.

MaaS applications

MaaS application

By selling our technology with existing MaaS applications, we can offer a full package to our clients, e.g. mobility budget.

Leasing companies

Leasing companies

We provide the software and you provide the vehicles. We can partner with leasing companies or car importers to provide vehicles along with our solution.



We are always looking for partners interested in reselling our solutions.

Partner stories

Our privileged partner to equip our client's vehicles with a digital key solution

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Sumsub provides fast and easy onboarding for MyMove’s global users.

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Market segments

MyMove is strategically positioned towards 3 market segments that have a market need for a fleet-sharing solution


Fleet size reduction
by up to 30%

We optimize internal fleet size and simplify the sharing processes

Easier to manage the fleet
Optimize cars utilization by sharing them
Better identify the driver and recuperate Insurance Excesses
Time-saving for both the employers and employee


Extra revenue of
€300/month/car on avg.

Monetize your fleet by renting out vehicles when not used

Additional revenue: the fleet never sleeps
No need for extra FTEs to handle it
Positive impact on the company’s vicinity
Opportunity for Car Dealers and Rental Companies to open additional
un-manned Point of Sales

Mobility budget

Easily divide the fleet size
by 4-10x

Optimize fleet size by replacing cars by a flexible mobility budget

Reduction of fleet size by sharing it
Parking spots saved
CO2 saving: 2.4 tons/car/year
New employee benefit: cars available outside business hours for employees without company cars
Better Comp&Ben strategy

Innovate and disrupt

If you want to go far, let's go together...

Open new revenue channels by becoming our solution partner.

Use MyMove to enable you to better manage your clients and offer complementary or supporting services.

Show your clients a cutting-edge technology while demonstrating real innovation as a front runner.

Be enabled by our partner program and always be able to count on our full support.