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Sumsub provides fast and easy onboarding for MyMove’s global users.

The Challenge

In 2019, MyMove started out with a B2B business model that offered fleet-sharing software to enterprises, enabling their employees to share the vehicles between themselves. When COVID hit, we started looking for a business model beyond internal fleet sharing. That’s when MyMove shifted to an open B2B2C system, making it possible for fleet owners to rent out their vehicles to third parties.

For our enterprise clients, the need for online verification was paramount since keeping track of the identities and driving licenses fleet users was too big a burden. The best way to tackle this, in our view, was to find a single KYC provider—one that could be fully integrated with our solution to provide automatic identity checks for B2B2C customers.

Why Sumsub?

After searching for the best online verification provider for our needs, we chose Sumsub. Here’s why:

  • Sumsub is a whitelabel KYC solution that could be completely integrated into the MyMove app, creating a smooth user experience
  • High verification speed (ID and DL check within 3.5 minutes)
  • 24/7 availability, fast response times, and high quality of support
  • Internationally scalable solution with broad global coverage

The Solution

Since we facilitate vehicle sharing and rental, our B2B2C end users must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Therefore, Sumsub provides MyMove with two levels of checks:

  • ‘Selfie with ID’ check (any ID documents like passport, European ID card, etc.)
  • Driver’s license check

Sumsub’s whitelabel KYC solution is smoothly integrated with our application, which means that the verification process does not require applicants to complete any extra steps like following outer links, downloading other apps, and so on.

Future plans

MyMove is planning on a vast global expansion in 2022, and Sumsub is ready to provide the KYC checks required. This means that we can concentrate on business development and growth in new markets, while Sumsub handles all things KYC.

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