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Our privileged partner to equip our client's vehicles with a digital key solution

The challenge

The adventure began in 2016 at the start of the project MyMove. Before its official launch in 2019, MyMove needed a partner to provide a all-in-one solution for organizations wishing to share or rent a fleet digitally. 

Why Continental?

With 150 years of experience in manufacturing automobile equipments, Continent produces 40% of vehicle keys in the world. MyMove decided to work with Continental due to its simplicity and efficiency. The solution is easy to install in all vehicles types and is not intrusive, which is important for us as we equip not our own vehicles but our clients' ones. We now have a strong partnership based on Continental's expertise in accessibility of vehicles and telematics.

The solution

Continental provides us with its solution 'Key-as-a-Service' to equip our clients fleet with a keyless technology. Thanks to our partnership, fleet management is easier. Our solution allow fleets owners to:

  • Manage users registration via an easy and secured digital onboarding.
  • Manage bookings in the App and via a fleet dashboard
  • Locate vehicles at any time thanks to the geolocation (this functionality can be deactivated if needed)
  • Keep an eye on the fleet health thanks to the data collected on the vehicles
  • Keep control of the fleet thanks to integrated payments and automated damage checks verification

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