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You own your data

We collect the data from the vehicles and we add our usage data to it, all available through our API, so you can connect it to your existing software suite. 

This is how we do it

Fleet & Rental Management software

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Hardware devices

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Connected Vehicles

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Fleet management software

We get the telematics from the vehicle
We enrich the data with ours: who was driving the vehicle, with the damages, etc.
We make it all available to FMS systems

And Data flows in both directions:

Create users and bookings from your system and push it through MyMove’s API (the user then receives an SMS to download the app, making the flow complete)

Hardware devices

We are hardware agnostic

We can connect to keyless dongles, connected cars, bikes, steps or scooters or even to OEM’s APIs. You can see MyMove as an IoT gateway, where we manage all the complexity of various vehicles, while offering the same experience and flow to the end user. 

We will evaluate which device is best suited for your specific use case, looking at cost, compatibility, ease of install, etc.

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Connected Vehicles

It’s also possible for us to connect to any brand or type of connected vehicles that are equipped with the necessary technology by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Given that the devices used by the OEM to make the vehicles connected, are based on an open API too.

In this case, a bridge can be easily build between both technologies. That way, no additional dongle hardware is required and the technology already present in the vehicle can be used to connect to MyMove and share the vehicle.

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