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Mobility is changing - are you? Offer your customers or employees a seamless digital vehicle sharing or rental experience with MyMove’s end-to-end solution.
We are the vehicle rental and sharing software for car dealers, car rentals and organizations with a corporate or service vehicles fleet.

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Who are you?

MyMove provides integrated fleet-sharing software and hardware for sharing and rental applications. Explore what MyMove can offer for your business.

MyMove is your pathway to fleet sharing that works.

Discover more about the ROI on fleet sharing for your organization, based on metrics of our customers. Here you can learn more on the benefits of using our platform. And what can be gained and saved, thanks to using MyMove.

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“Transportation is poised to change more in the next decade than any time since the invention of the automobile.”
Goldman Sachs - 2019

Never before was it this easy to manage and use a shared fleet.


MyMove is able to connect with any API-based system: Dealer, Fleet, HR-management platforms, via our open API. We are also hardware-agnostic and can integrate any connected vehicle or hardware.

Vehicle sharing

The shared fleet is only accessible to pre-defined users. This type of fleet is unaccessible from users outside of the company. Ideal for any type of organizations who wants to offer a shared fleet in a closed circuit.

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Easy to manage & use
Only accessible by created users
Differentiate pro/private usage

Vehicle rental

A shared fleet is accessible by anyone and is ideal for rental companies, car dealers or organizations who safely and easily want to monetize their vehicles with third-party users.

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Safe and easy third-party rental
Accessible by anyone
Monetize the fleet

Mobility budget

How can you adopt or integrate a shared fleet in your organization? Together, we will perform a complete analysis of your fleet and answer this question. 

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Help with implementation
Analysis of your situation
Based on data

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What people are saying

"Thanks to MyMove, we have launched Audi-on-demand a 24/7 short-term rental solution. The team developed our own App with our unique brand identity where our customers can register, book, pay and complete damage checks, all in one App. We can also manage our fleet, as well as the users, the bookings, the damages and the scheduled maintenance in the Ops dashboard."

Thibaut Debelle
Thibaut Debelle
Projects Innovation Manager
Audi On Demand

"With using MyMove at Indaver, less is more: more benefits and less burden to manage our pool vehicles. We get more overview of the reservations and vehicle status and the overall management is more flexible. It also means less administration and practical issues. And a first and easy introduction to partial mobility to all Indaver employees."

Kurt Tollenaere
Kurt Tollenaere
Mobility Manager

"MyMove offers an end-to-end solution with straightforward processes and pricing models. On top of that, their user-friendly application can be completely integrated into our internal payment system. A great app user experience is a prerequisite for a great sharing experience."

Pierre Oldenhove
Pierre Oldenhove
Wibee Founder

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