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How can car dealers tap into the new mobility movement? 

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The landscape of car dealers and the traditional way of buying and owning cars is changing rapidly. Emerging trends such as ride-hailing, car sharing and subscription services are changing the way people relate to mobility and personal vehicles, moving away from vehicle ownership towards ‘vehicle usership’.

To adapt and compete in this market, car dealers have started to develop and sell mobility solutions on top of their traditional services. In this virtual event, our speakers shared their knowledge of the evolving sector and how as main car dealership groups, they have developed new mobility solutions.



How to evolve towards new mobility as a car dealer

Olivier Deutschmann, CEO, Valckenier

Olivier shared insights on the current trends in the sector and how customers expectations have changed even faster due to the consecutive crises we have faced. He will also share his perspective on how car dealers can evolve towards being a new mobility provider by developing profitable business models such as flexible lease or rental, car-sharing and service to enterprises.


Audi-on-demand: how to launch a short-term 24/7 rental solution

Thibaut Debelle, Projects Innovation Manager, Audi Belgium, D’Ieteren Automotive

Thibaut shared on their pilot project ‘Audi on demand’, a short-term 24/7 rental solution, enabling customers to book and drive an Audi with their smartphone and avoid the hassle of traditional car rental.


How can car dealers tap into new mobility and monetize their assets

Guy-Louis de le Vingne, CEO, MyMove

Guy-Louis shared how MyMove enables car dealers to tap into new mobility as a new revenue stream and how to monetize their assets.



Meet our speakers

Olivier Deutschmann

Olivier has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry with 19 years at Renault in different Sales & Marketing positions internationally. He was also the CEO of Alcopa’s automotive activity and the Country Manager at FCA Benelux for Alfa Romeo and Jeep. Olivier joined Valckenier in January 2020 as CEO to support the group growth and its developments towards multi-brands and new mobility.

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Thibaut Debelle

Projects Innovation Manager @ Audi Belgium

Thibaut Debelle is responsible for the digital ecosystem of Audi customers in Belgium and for the deployment of new digital services in close collaboration between Audi AG (factory), D'Ieteren teams and the Audi partners. Some of these solutions include Audi connect, Functions on demand, and more recently Audi on demand.

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Guy-Louis de le Vingne

CEO @ MyMove

Guy-Louis founded MyMove in 2019, after multiple entrepreneurial experiences in Brussels and London and 5 years of Management Consulting. Guy-Louis holds an MA in Management Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD.

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