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Offer your employees
flexible mobility

Offer a credible alternative to the individual car at work. Empower your employees with easy access to your fleet of shared vehicles for their professional and private mobility.

Our shared fleet customers
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Why start fleet sharing with MyMove?

Fleet sharing made easy

Easily offer and operate a shared fleet with MyMove and stay in control with our central management platform.

Attractive workplace

Empower employees who want to commute without a car by offering a solution for their professional mobility at work.


Pro & private mobility

Provide your employees with a seamless mobility experience as well as flexible solutions for their professional and/or private mobility.

Mobility budget integration

Integrate mobility budgets and allow employees to switch between private and professional mobility usage with ease.

Transfer money

Monetize your fleet

Optimize fleet revenue by offering your vehicles for private rental to employees.

What is a flexible mobility budget?

Offer a credible alternative to your employees
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Customer stories

Carrefour launches an innovative Comp & Ben scheme with a shared fleet

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Optimize Operations
Vehicle Sharing
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Roland Berger offers flexible mobility to employees by implementing a shared fleet

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Mobility Budget
Optimize Fleet
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The mobility of the future

Mobility is changing fast. Not every employee wants or needs an individual car for their commute, but they still need access to the right vehicle at the right time for their professional and private mobility. Accommodating this flexible approach doesn’t have to be complicated. With MyMove, offering multimodal transport to your employees becomes easy - for you and for them. What’s more, it will reduce your carbon footprint, lower your fleet’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and make for happier, more engaged employees. In short, a win-win.

Provide employees with the vehicle they need, whenever they need it
Reduce the need for individual cars and offer a credible alternative
Lower your carbon footprint and monetize idle vehicles

The benefits of in-house fleet sharing

Relying on third-party mobility providers comes at a cost: we call this TCUM, the Total Cost of User Mobility. By moving vehicle sharing in-house, you can lower the TCUM for each employee. Resources stay within the company, stationary vehicles can be minimized, and your employees can get where they need to go whenever and however they want.

Cheaper and more efficient than relying on third-party mobility providers
A realistic and effective alternative to individual cars
Easy to implement and manage with our hardware and software solutions

A seamless sharing experience

Multimodal mobility doesn’t have to be complicated. Adoption of shared mobility solutions depends on a seamless integration into your employees’ daily lives. That’s why MyMove unites bookings, damage checks, payments and even unlocking in a single app.

Mobile app for all user actions, from onboarding to booking and payment
Management platform to stay in control
Keyless vehicle unlocking
Digital damage checks
Combine shared bikes, personal vehicles and vans

Easy management

Flexible mobility shouldn’t just be easy to use, it should also be easy to manage. With MyMove, you get both. Use our central dashboards to keep track of where your vehicles are and what state they’re in. Manage bookings, payments and maintenance remotely, and create roles and assign profiles with ease.

Centralized, remote management dashboards
Easy fleet and role management
Keep track of where your vehicles are and who uses them at all times

Always be there for your employees

We provide 24/7 in-app support for all vehicle users to ensure a smooth ride for every employee.

24/7 in-app support in EN, FR, NL
Support in case of technical issues and questions
Remote booking and vehicle management

Welcome to the mobility of the future

Your employees are going to love it!
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How we help

Connected vehicle

Keyless access

MyMove simplifies sharing with in-app vehicle unlocking.


Easy booking

Your employees can seamlessly switch between vehicles and pro/private use within the app.

Customer experience

Hassle-free management

We integrate with any mobility scheme to make vehicle sharing & management easier than ever.

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Remote monitoring

Know where your vehicles are and what they need with remote telemetrics.

24/7 support

MyMove offers 24/7 in-app support for all your employees in three languages (English, French and Dutch). Whenever they need help or have any questions they can count on our staff 24/7. Our staff can also remotely intervene and lock/unlock the car if this would be necessary or find solutions when accidents happen. They can also manage bookings or find another vehicle for your users.

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