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Optimize the sharing
of service vehicles

 Allocate vehicles effortlessly from central dashboards and use keyless technology to simplify vehicle transfer. Sharing vehicles between staff members has never been this easy.

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Why go digital with MyMove?


Keep the overview

Central dashboards make planning and vehicle assignment easy. View and manage all information about your users, vehicles and telematics.

Connect your fleet

Remotely monitor mileage, be notified of potential issues and even manage servicing and repairs from your desk.

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Monitor usage

By requesting a quick justification for each trip, you can monitor vehicle usage per project or customer to finetune your administration.

Customer experience

Great user experience

No more schedules pinned on the wall - simply assign vehicles to employees remotely, which they can open through the app with keyless technology.

Transfer money

Monetize your fleet

Make vehicles available for private usage and easily manage admin from private and professional usage.

Are you ready...

To disrupt the way you assign vehicles? 
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Customer stories

Maestromobile uses MyMove hardware and software to promote new mobility in Belgium

Service Vehicles
Vehicle Sharing
Optimize Operations
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Indaver solves operational fleet pains and becomes a leader in adopting new mobility solutions

Service Vehicles
Optimize Fleet
Vehicle Sharing
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Work smarter

Reduce the administrative burden on your staff and offer your employees a better experience: with MyMove, it’s possible. Eliminate the hassle of key transfer thanks to our keyless access technology and greatly simplify planning and vehicle assignment through our intuitive dashboards. Keep track of where your vehicles are and who is driving them at all times.

Employees can unlock vehicles with their smartphone
Central dashboards allow for easy planning
Less work, better results

Knowledge is power

How do you keep track of who was behind the wheel when an accident took place? How can you know when damage occurred? With MyMove, it’s easy. Our AI technology allows for quick and efficient mobile damage checks before and after every ride, without taking important time away from your employees.

Remote damage checks
Reliable AI technology
Always know who’s driving

Lose the keys. Yes, really.

Key transfer can be a huge time drain in businesses with lots of shared service vehicles. Our keyless access technology completely eliminates the need for this. Save your employees valuable time and never deal with lost keys again.

Keyless access eliminates key transfer
Easy installation into virtually all car brands and models
Save valuable time and resources

Always be there for your employees

We provide 24/7 in-app support for all vehicle users to ensure a smooth ride for every customer.

24/7 in-app support in EN, FR, NL
Support in case of technical issues and questions
Remote booking and vehicle management

Welcome to modern fleet sharing

Your people are going to love it!
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How we help

Easy planning

Assign vehicles to employees from your desk - no more paper schedules.

Keyless access

Eliminate key handovers with digital unlocking technology.


Request a quick optional justification for each trip and monitor the fleet usage.

Real-time metrics

Immediately access vehicle damages reports, fuel levels and other alerts from a central dashboard.

24/7 support

MyMove offers 24/7 in-app support for all your employees in three languages (English, French and Dutch). Whenever they need help or have any questions they can count on our staff 24/7. Our staff can also remotely intervene and lock/unlock the car if this would be necessary or find solutions when accidents happen. They can also manage bookings or find another vehicle for your users.

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