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We've answered most of the questions you could have about how MyMove works and how we can help you.

How does MyMove work?

We install the hardware in your vehicles needed to connect them to our platform. Your fleet is then available to rent or share via a mobile application with your customers or employees, while you remain in control through the operations dashboard. 

Does MyMove work with any vehicle?

Yes, our partners’ hardware can be installed in most vehicles’ brands, makes and types. Please contact us if you would like to check if your fleet is compatible with our solution.

Do you provide the vehicles?

In a nutshell: no. We are a software solution.

However, finding a bike that is equipped with a GPS and GSM antenna in its frame is not that easy. That’s why we can provide the 2-wheels needed for your fleet. Please contact us for more info. 

We can also help in case you need cars: we have partnerships with vehicle providers and can offer a full package.

Can I add my brand to the MyMove App?

Yes, we can develop our mobile application in white label where you can choose your colors, fonts, etc.

Is MyMove App customizable?

Yes, you can decide which functionalities you wish to enable on the App for your users. For example, you can require your users (or not) to complete damage checks before and after each booking and enable different payment methods. 

How do I keep control of my fleet?

Thanks to our dashboard, you can keep control of your organization, users, vehicles, bookings and damages settings and data. You can also set-up alerts and extract reports. 

Can MyMove be integrated with my existing fleet management software?

We believe your data is yours, and should therefore be available, right? We have therefore an open-API so you can access your data but also push users or bookings to MyMove. This is particularly useful to connect to car dealers’ after sales planning tools, fleet management or HR-management platforms.

How can users access my vehicles?

Once your vehicles are installed, we will provide you with a QR code to share with your users to download the App and register. 

Alternatively, if you prefer a closed fleet, you can register your users in our operations dashboard, so they can directly download the application and log-in with their email address or phone number.  

Can all MyMove users see my vehicles?

No, by default, MyMove will only show the vehicles of your account to your registered users. 

Can I rent or share my fleet 24/7?

You have the opportunity to rent or share your vehicles at any time, 24/7, no matter your business or organization’s opening hours. 

What's a mobility budget?

The mobility budget allows employees to exchange their company car or their right to a company car for a flexible private mobility budget. The terms and conditions vary depending on the country. 

In Belgium, employees can spend their budget on 3 pillars, you can find more information here (

What if I already have a fleet of pool cars?

We can equip your existing fleet with our solution without having to change your vehicles. With MyMove, you increase your fleet usage and/or monetize your unused assets.

What if I need new vehicles to start my shared fleet?

We have a partnership with vehicle providers and can offer a full package. 

Can MyMove support any type of vehicle?

Yes MyMove is a multimodal solution and can work with bikes, scooters, cars, vans and steps.

Does MyMove manage the mobility budget?

No, we help you implement a flexible mobility budget by offering a shared fleet to your employees. Our partners Mbrella and Skipr can manage the legal aspects as well as the link with the social secretaries. 

Does MyMove rent vehicles?

No, we do not offer ourselves vehicle sharing or rental services. We enable our customers to rent or share their fleet digitally via our hardware and software solution.

How can I to book a vehicle?

In order to use MyMove, you need to, either: 

  • Be invited by your fleet manager;
  • Register via scanning the QR code of the fleet you wish to access; or 
  • Request to be added to one of our client’s fleet here

If you are a registered user already, you can find more information on how to use our Application here

General info
Who is MyMove?

We are a B2B solution for organizations that wish to share or rent a fleet. Please note we do not rent or share vehicles ourselves, we provide the software solution and mobile application to our clients to do so.

How can I contact MyMove
  • For any questions related to your registration or bookings, please contact the support team ONLY via the ‘Help & Support’ option in the App. Any other channel won’t be able to help. 
  • For any questions related to our solution, you can contact us via our website chat, email us on or fill the contact us form here.
  • If you are interested in a product demonstration, please fill the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly. 

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