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Indaver solves operational fleet pains and becomes a leader in adopting new mobility solutions

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June 9, 2022
Indaver, a subsidiary of Katoen Natie, is the European leader in ecological and economical waste management. Indaver offers integrated solutions to waste management for large industrial companies, private collectors and public authorities. From on-site recycling service provision to final treatment: Indaver takes care of the entire waste management chain. Putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do. 

In a growing world population, the exponential strain on our planet’s resources is unsustainable. Fossil fuels will eventually run out. That’s why Indaver pushes the transition from a linear economy with single use of resources to a circular economy. In 2020, Indaver managed  5.3 million tonnes of waste. Indaver has sites and specialized facilities in several European countries, four are in the Antwerp region.

Employees at Indaver regularly travel between sites in the Antwerp region, but also to other sites in Belgium and Indaver cars are at the disposal of Antwerp-based employees. 

The fleet management at Indaver was based on a shared online Outlook agenda where each employee was responsible for ‘reserving’ the vehicle when needed. Whenever employees wanted to start their trip with their reserved Indaver car, they needed to pick up the car key at the main site reception. This way of working resulted in several problems:

  • Burdensome car keys management: the main reception is not available outside business hours. Thus, employees sometimes needed to take home the car keys where they got lost of they were not brought back to the office in time for the next car reservation
  • Lack of global reservations oversight: it happened that someone needed a car, but another employee had already left with it without updating the shared Outlook agenda. This resulted in frustration and delays. 

Why did Indaver choose MyMove as a partner?

MyMove automated damages check

Indaver needed a partner that could take away the hassle of key management

Since MyMove is 100% digital and keyless, neither the secretary staff, nor the Indaver employees need to worry anymore about unavailable or lost keys. 

Indaver wanted to increase the efficiency of its fleet 

A car is an expensive asset and an average car is actually standing still 96% of the time. To increase the usage and cost efficiency of its fleet, MyMove provides a tailored solution to Indaver: one car can be used by more employees, thereby allowing a reduction in their fleet size. Moreover, this fleet size reduction leads to cost savings.

Indaver wanted to take the burden of fleet management away

Managing keys, the cars and questions about the cars, is clearly not one of the activities that a main reception need to focus on. With MyMove, that burden is completely eliminated: the cars are keyless, double bookings are impossible and MyMove offers a 24/7 in-app support service for all questions, complaints and other feedback.

Indaver positions itself as a leader in sustainability and innovative solutions

Being an early adopter of new mobility solutions fits that image perfectly. The MyMove solution is future-proof, sustainable and digital. Indaver has found a reliable partner in MyMove that will help them scale their fleet and provide assistance when they will further implement new mobility policies such as the Federal Mobility Budget.

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