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How to optimize the use and management of your commercial fleet?

27.6.2022 15:11

From emergency to delivery services, businesses across all industries rely on service or commercial vehicles to transport people and products every day. Those fleets are often businesses' most expensive assets.

Our clients always describe the same challenges related to managing a shared fleet: planning and sharing vehicles is a real hassle from a management and an operational point of view.  Key management is expensive and a serious operational limiter as employees need to pick up the keys and put them back in a central location (with or without “intelligent” key-boxes) and they often forget them in their pockets (if not lost…), etc. 

But what if sharing a fleet could actually be done easier?

No more schedule pinned on the wall 

Are you using a shared Outlook/Google calendar? An Excel spreadsheet? Or a schedule pinned on the wall in your office? 

We recently talked to a police station about their shared fleet and the complexity to manage the vehicles' schedule. The schedule needs to take into consideration the rotating shifts with several drivers and leave space for emergency calls they receive. On average, a vehicle is handed over 3 times a day to different units and drivers.

Planning and assigning drivers and vehicles is a real administrative burden for most organizations with shared fleets. To manage the rotating shifts, drivers and vehicles, a full-time person is often dedicated to planning and dealing with the keys exchange and the maintenance schedule.  Or worse, there isn’t any dedicated person to those administrative tasks and using a shared fleet becomes an even bigger challenge. 

With a digital fleet management solution one could easily assign vehicles and monitor the fleet availability from their desk and mobile. Combined with a mobile application, drivers can even see available vehicles of the shared fleet and manage their bookings themselves. 

No more keys exchange, ever

Key management is expensive and time-consuming. Keys can easily get lost and not be brought back on time to the office for the next person to use the vehicle…So time is often wasted looking and exchanging keys before a shift. 

For example, in a construction organization, multiple drivers share the same utility van during the week. They need to check the schedule and collect the keys in their office before leaving to a client site, causing lots of frustration when the key is not where it should be or when they weren’t informed of a last minute planning update. 

Key management between the drivers can easily become an operational challenge. But imagine a world where your people arrive at work and already have the keys in their pocket?

With a digital key solution, employees no longer need to come by the office to collect or drop off their keys. They can simply lock and unlock the vehicle with their smartphone and the digital key is only active during the time the vehicle is assigned to them. 

You can always know where your vehicles are, who is driving them and can even lock them from a distance if required. 

How do you keep track of who was behind the wheel?

When sharing commercial vehicles, damage checks are often neglected or skipped completely. Knowing who was responsible for a damage, or a fine, is always an investigation and typically leads to lots of unpleasant discussions internally. Anyone can remember a time when a fine arrived by the post, and no-one was driving the vehicle, according to the schedule. 

With a digital process, you will always know who was driving, at all times. You can request from your employees to report damages, and/or take pictures of the vehicle before and after use. Via a mobile application, users can provide a 360 view of the vehicle and the damage reports history makes keeping track of all damages and repairs easy.

Stay on top of regular maintenance and reduce the risks of breakdowns and accidents

When running a business with multiple drivers and vehicles, it is hard to keep track of all the upcoming maintenance of the shared fleet. However, missed maintenance or delayed repairs increase the risk of accidents or breakdowns. 

Telematics nowadays give amazing possibilities to effectively manage and optimize your fleet and anticipate mechanical issues by setting up alerts. Through a fleet dashboard you can always know when a vehicle fuel or charging level is low, eliminating the need for manual checks of each vehicle. You can also plan for all your upcoming vehicle maintenance by blocking that vehicle in your booking system. 

When vehicles are in various locations, it is common to have wide differences in yearly mileage driven. So many possibilities, one click away!


Nowadays, digital solutions can help your organization share vehicles amongst several drivers. You no longer need to rely on a shared Outlook calendar for planning, spend hours looking for keys or finding out who damaged a vehicle of the fleet. 

You can easily reduce the administrative burden and offer your employees a frictionless experience to use the shared fleet. 

MyMove offers a full end-to-end solution to make sharing your service vehicles easy. With our mobile application, your employees can simply see their assigned vehicle, lock/unlock it and manage their bookings if required. Via our fleet dashboards, you can manage your users, vehicles, bookings and push and pull various data from your existing fleet management system. 

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