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Flexible mobility budget

Offer the mobility budget to your staff as a credible alternative to the individual company car, combined with a shared fleet for professional and private mobility. With MyMove, adopting the mobility budget is easy and hassle-free.

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Why go for the Mobility Budget with MyMove?

Credible alternative to company cars

Liberate your employees from individual cars as a mandatory package if it does not fit their lifestyle - and offer a better alternative.

Customer centric

Creative comp & ben

Offer mutually and fiscally interesting compensation & benefits that improve the daily lives of your employees.

Lower Total Cost of User Mobility (TCUM)

Combining the mobility budget with your own shared fleet is efficient, highly cost-effective and hugely convenient for your staff.

Customer experience

Countless possibilities

Employees can use the mobility budget for their rent or mortgage, or to buy bicycles or public transport tickets across Europe for themselves and their families, making it a highly attractive package.

Payroll integration

Integrate with your social secretary and payroll so that mobility budget usage is automatically listed accurately on payslips.

Are you ready...

To offer a credible mobility alternative to your employees?
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Make the mobility budget work

When implementing the mobility budget, offering an in-house fleet of shared vehicle is often overlooked - but it’s by far the most efficient and cost-effective alternative to private cars.

Fastest & cheapest alternative to the company car for professional and private mobility of employees
Empower employees with the right vehicle for the right situation at any time
Lower Total Cost of User Mobility (TCUM) compared to using third-party mobility providers

Accommodate changing attitudes to mobility

Young people and families are rethinking their mobility usage and car ownership in a world of evolving urban landscapes and climate change. Many no longer want or need an individual company car - but they do want a viable alternative that gives them the same benefits. With MyMove, this is easy to provide.

Meet the changing mobility needs of your employees
Offer a viable and effective alternative to private cars
Accommodate and empower green change as a company

How does it work?

Your people can spend their budget on these 3 pillars

Eco-friendly company car

Greener or no car: employees have the option to still have a smaller, greener car versus the one they have now up to having no car at all.


Sustainable mobility expenses

(Soft) personal mobility: purchase or lease an (electric) bike, moped or electric motorbike including the legally required equipment

Non-personal mobility: public transport, shared mobility (cars, bikes, steps, …), cars with a driver (i.e. taxi/Uber), rental vehicles, carpooling, etc.

Lodging expenses: rent or interest of your home when located within 10 km (as the crow flies) of your main place of work (including home).


Leftover budget as cash

Cash pay-out of the unused, leftover budget at the end of the year - favourably taxed at 38.07%

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Flexible and Sustainable mobility

What if a shared fleet was the key to a successful company-wide mobility budget scheme?

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