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Wibee further expand their peer-to-peer shared fleet from 15 to 200 vehicles within 24 months

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August 25, 2022
Founded in 2015, Wibee is a Belgian peer-to-peer car sharing provider. Wibee’s mission is to create autonomy for small communities, typically a handful of households, by mutualizing investments in capital intensive assets such as cars.

Today, with the help of MyMove, Wibee already offers significant autonomy in mobility by enabling a peer-to-peer car sharing system as an alternative to private car ownership. Since January 2021, more than 1800 Wibee trips have been booked via MyMove by more than 200 different users. 

Wibee is present in 13 cities in Wallonia and Brussels and plans to grow that number to 200 by 2023 by expanding to other regions in the country as well.

Why did Wibee choose MyMove as a partner?

MyMove is a user-friendly ecosystem that keeps the user engaged from beginning to end

The previous Wibee app didn't provider a good user experience. Since the payment interface was not integrated in the Wibee app, the user journey was fragmented due to switching from the Wibee app to a payment terminal and then back to the app.

A great app user experience is a prerequisite for a great sharing experience

Pierre Oldenhove, CEO, Wibee.

Users could also not check their booking history or keep track of their mobility-related expenses. 

MyMove addresses these struggles: it provides a fully-customized app that is an end-to-end integrated ecosystem, meaning that the whole customer journey takes place in one environment only: the Wibee app. Furthermore, the app features the possibility to meticulously monitor past bookings so that users can at all times keep track of their mobility expenses. 

The MyMove Solution tailored to Wibee

Wibee booking app powered by MyMove

A fully integrated app for end-users and a 360° management dashboard for Wibee staff

The new Wibee app brings more value to its users in multiple ways:

Users can stay in the same ecosystem from beginning to end: they can look for available vehicles in the app and book the vehicle of their choice. After that, the payment is taken care of automatically. Upon finishing a booking, the users can view their booking history in the app, effectively creating a very smooth customer journey.

  • The service is fully digitized: the user can report damages directly in the app, paperwork is no longer required. The access to the cars is completely keyless as users now use a digital key on their smartphone to unlock and start the car. 
  • Users can rely on 24/7 in-app support for most of their problems. The MyMove support service has a median answer time of only 1 minute 45 seconds!

The MyMove collaboration also brings more value to the Wibee staff:

  • The operations management dashboard is a tool that clients can use for day-to-day management of their fleet. It allows staff to consult past, current and future bookings, and to manage damages. Managers can also locate vehicles if necessary, handle damages and much more. 
  • Wibee can rely on MyMove for accelerated fleet growth as the time between decision-taking and putting more shared cars in the network is a matter of days. 

Together with MyMove, Wibee will expand its fleet by the end of 2023, continuing a trusted and collaborative partnership.

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Wibee further expand their peer-to-peer shared fleet from 15 to 200 vehicles within 24 months

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