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Audi Belgium brings to market a 24/7 app-based short-term rental service

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September 12, 2022
Audi Belgium has over 60 dealerships in Belgium. These dealerships typically provide the complete traditional package of automobile services: sale of new and second-hand cars and after-sales services such as maintenance, bodywork, insurances and finance solutions. 

Today, car dealers are exploring new mobility services that they can offer to their existing and new customers such as a fully digital car sharing service. However, developing such a sharing service internally is costly, time consuming and complex. Hence, Audi Belgium looked for an external partner that could provide such a service. 

With this new mobility service, Audi Belgium is targeting 3 market segments:

  1. After-sales (existing customers): Audi customers that need a replacement car for a few days can now either obtain a vehicle either via the traditional channel (the dealership desk) or they can use the Audi on Demand app. 
  2. Leisure (existing & new customers): people that temporarily need a different type of car. Some examples: a family that owns a small car, but wants a larger one to travel to Southern France in a Q5 for the Summer holidays. Or a group of friends that wants to go on a city trip or an Audi customer that wants to extensively test an electric vehicle
  3. Assistance (existing & new customers): car drivers whose car broke down and need a quick mobility solution.

Once Audi Belgium’s rental service is more mature, additional products and services can be sold e.g. financial products, accessories (child seats, roof boxes) or alternative mobility solutions such as e-bikes and e-scooters. 

Today, Audi partners in Zaventem and Namur have been selected to be the first pilots for Audi’s digital rental service.  Talks are ongoing to grow the number of available vehicles in the app all over the country.

Why did Audi choose MyMove as a partner?

MyMove has the know-how about developing a White Label sharing application

Audi has its own unique brand identity in terms of coloring, fonts etc. MyMove is able to fully customize the app (White Label) according to the specific needs of its clients. 

MyMove allows easy scaling

MyMove is a SaaS-company and is hardware agnostic. This means that our software is licensed on a subscription basis and hence new organisations and users can be easily added to Audi on Demand. Hardware agnostic means that the MyMove keyless technology is compatible with every Audi model and does not impact the warranty of the vehicle. 

MyMove services have several competitive advantages over other rental players

Audi on Demand is very transparent, in pricing and in offering. The pricing strategy that was developed together with Audi is very transparent and super flexible. Audi on Demand users only pay for their real usage of the vehicle and the price is all inclusive (except for fuel). This is very different from renting vehicles at traditional rental companies where very often additional fees are added and the user does not know in advance how much he will pay exactly. 

The offering is also very transparent. This means that contrary to traditional rental players where you pay for a certain vehicle ‘type’ or ‘range’, with Audi on Demand you will drive the exact car that you rented. 

Audi on Demand is available around the clock. This is an important advantage because if users want to rent vehicles from traditional rental players, they are often limited by the opening hours of that company. Also, Audi on Demand is completely keyless and paperless, removing the need for physical contact with an Audi dealer. 

A comprehensive operations dashboard for the Audi staff

The staff in each dealership has access to an operations dashboard. On this dashboard, they can manage their entire shared fleet, as well as the users, the bookings, the damages and the scheduled maintenance.

MyMove fleet management dashboard

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