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Mobvious solves operational complexities

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June 9, 2022
Mobvious has made the process of ordering a jockey service easier and faster for businesses.

Their strength is a tailor-made offering that is very reliable. Mobvious targets three types of businesses: car dealers, leasing and rental companies and fleet management departments of organizations. Clients can book a jockey for a few hours, a day or multiple days and can request vehicle home deliveries, test drives, vehicle maintenance, tyre changes, technical inspections and much more. 

Per definition, a jockey service needs the right people (the jockeys) at the right place (at the client for pick up) at the right time (time slots are tight). Jockeys rely heavily on the fleet of Mobvious vehicles to reach their clients across the country  in a timely manner. The CEO of Mobvious needed a solution the solve the complexities of his fleet operations such as:

  • Planning of jockey trips to clients with an appropriate vehicle
  • Assigning an available vehicle to an available jockey
  • Handling damages and fines digitally

Why did Mobvious choose MyMove as a partner?

Mobvious needed a keyless solution

Jockeys use different vehicles during the day and sometimes need to pick up vehicles from another colleague who has left it at a pick-up spot. This brings challenges regarding key handover. This is one of the challenges that MyMove solves: the MyMove app IS the key. 

Managing damages and traffic fines is super easy

At all times, the fleet operators can look up which jockey was driving a certain vehicle of the Mobvious fleet. With the fully digital damage check of MyMove, it is very easy to know who is responsible for a certain damage. Also, finding out who got a speeding ticket is a few clicks away. 

Assigning a jockey to a vehicle optimizes the fleet

The fleet planners at Mobvious can assign jockeys to the best-suited vehicle for their specific mission. This way, double reservations on a certain vehicle are impossible. Fleet managers can also react quickly to unexpected events and re-arrange bookings without having to modify the whole fleet planning.

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