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Roland Berger offers flexible mobility to employees by implementing a shared fleet

Roland Berger
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September 8, 2022
Roland Berger was founded in 1967 and is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. In 2022, Roland Berger has more than 50 offices globally with over 2,000+ employees worldwide and offers a wide range of services across various markets. 

In 2019, the Roland Berger Brussels office decided to implement the Federal Mobility Budget to offer an alternative to the traditional company car. As part of this initiative, employees can now choose between an individual company car or a mobility budget of the same value.

The mobility budget is very flexible and can be spent on:

  1. Purchase of personal soft mobility modes: employees with a mobility budget can buy bikes, e-scooters, e-bike leasing etc.
  2. Non-personal mobility: public transport, Uber, shared on-street mobility, etc.
  3. Housing expenses: rent, interest or capital reimbursements on mortgage when living within 10 km of the office. 

However, employees under this new regime who do not own a private car, still need one from time to time for work and private trips.

By implementing the mobility budget with a MyMove shared fleet, Roland Berger positions itself as a management consulting firm with an attractive, innovative and future-proof compensation and benefits scheme. Consultants can now fully tailor their mobility choices to their day-to-day needs.

MyMove mobility seen from an employee perspective
Mobility through the eyes of a corporate employee

Why did Roland Berger choose MyMove as partner?

Roland Berger wanted to increase the efficiency of its fleet and reduce mobility costs

Private cars are expensive assets and they stand still 96% of the time as has been shown in several studies. To increase the usage and cost efficiency of its fleet, MyMove provides a turnkey solution to Roland Berger: fleet sharing. This means that a car is shared amongst several employees. 

Firstly, this solution allows Roland Berger to save significantly on car leasing costs, effectively reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its fleet. Today, 19 consultants share 5 cars, almost quadrupling the utilization of one car.

Secondly, Roland is also saving on professional mobility expenses. These savings amount to at least €4,047.38 euro. How so, you might think? Fleet and mobility managers are definitely familiar with the term Total Cost of Ownership or TCO. But what about the cost of new mobility? 

At MyMove, we use the concept of Total Cost of User Mobility or TCUM. TCUM takes into account:

  • The total cost of mobility, which is money that a firm previously spent on 3rd party mobility services such as taxis and Uber rides. Without an on-premise shared fleet from MyMove, the total cost of mobility would be much higher as consultants would use taxis and Uber to travel fast to their clients and expense those trips to Roland Berger. 
  • Time spent. In business, time is money. This cost can become significant if employees have to source a step or vehicle on-street, to go to the train station to then take a taxi to the customer or their final destination. Consultants find it much more convenient to take a car from the company’s shared fleet and drive directly to destination, instead of relying on time-consuming multimodal transportation. 

Roland Berger needed a partner to make mobility without company car easy 

Of course, employees without a company car still need one periodically.  Professionally, employees can then rely on the shared fleet of the company to source the right means of transportation (vehicle) for the right situation. 

Privately, employees may want to use a car to go to the supermarket, a DIY or a furniture store. To bring the kids to their sports match in the weekend. Or perhaps a city trip with friends, a family visit or the yearly ski trip. Or any other sporadic transportation that may require the use of a private (but shared) car.

"MyMove allows me to extract the full potential of my mobility budget by offering a flexible platform and reactive 24/7 in-app support." Consultant at Roland Berger

To facilitate these use cases, Roland Berger employees can select 3 different modes in the MyMove application

  1. Professional: During business hours, the rental is considered a professional  trip and thus not deducted from the mobility budget. When employees select the ‘pro’ mode, they enter a justification e.g. the project number or client name. This allows the fleet manager to easily validate professional trips
  2. Privately: when employees select the ‘private’ mode they conveniently rent a car from Roland Berger and pay for it with their mobility budget. 
  3. Auto: this is a hybrid mode between private and professional. 
MyMove application search  book

Facilitating fleet sharing by using MyMove is essential to the success of the mobility budget initiative at Roland Berger. Without a shared fleet, employees would need to rent a car via a traditional rental company which is more expensive than the rates of the shared fleet. Also, traditional rentals tend to be time-consuming, which is what busy consultants want to avoid. For professional trips, employees would take a taxi or an Uber and expense that trip to Roland Berger. 

It is clear that for each scenario, having MyMove is a win-win for the firm, as well as for the employees.

MyMove helps Roland Berger with the management of its shared fleet

The only thing that Roland Berger needs to do is provide vehicles and their fleet management is simplified.

  • MyMove installs the hardware in the vehicles that allows employees to access them with the in-app key on their smartphone.
  • MyMove has a digital damage control system where new damages are automatically registered on the fleet management dashboard.

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