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Immobel offers a multimodal mobility hub to the residents of the exclusive Royal Louise building in Brussels

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June 9, 2022
Immobel was founded in 1863 and is Belgium’s largest listed real estate developer and is active in 6 countries (Belgium, France, Spain, Luxemburg, Germany and Poland). Focused on people, growth and profitability, Immobel demonstrates a visionary spirit and has set itself the mission of shaping the city of the future. 

The exclusive Royal Louise residence in Brussels is one of Immobel’s most recent projects. The residence features 77 apartments. The residence is ‘future-proof’, as during construction, strong emphasis was put on sustainability. Immobel wants to continue in that direction also after development by solving mobility-related issues of its residents. In collaboration with MyMove, Immobel launched a pilot scheme to study the mobility behaviour and needs of residents. In the long-term, they will incorporate smart mobility solutions from the planning phase of their new real estate projects.

Why did Immobel choose MyMove as a partner?

For residents: MyMove offers a hassle-free and financially interesting mobility package 

People are increasingly reflecting on their mobility habits and their need to have an individual car, let alone two in the same home or family. They prefer to have the right transportation mode for the right occasions and don’t necessarily want to spend tens of thousands of euros on a private car, or thousands of euros on an electric bike they occasionally use. Users can tailor their mobility as seen fit to each situation and have a suitable and proper alternative to the individual private car.

With MyMove, residents of the Royal Louise in Brussels can now access the shared vehicles of the residence - all in one user-friendly mobile application. The service is fully digital, meaning that car keys are not needed anymore and vehicles can be unlocked with only a smartphone. Additionally, booking, cancelling, rescheduling, damage reporting and payment are all taken care of in the application. MyMove also offers 24/7 in-app support in English, Dutch and French.

Immobel vehicles sharing powered by MyMove

For real estate developers: full-service operations management and an edge over competitors

Depending on the scope of the project, MyMove offers a full-service solution to real estate developers. This includes taking care of maintenance, car wash, jockey services, etc. On top of the software (the app), MyMove also provides hardware and complementary services. 

Setting up an innovative mobility solution will undoubtedly give developers an edge over competitors. 

Not only will it limit the amount of parking spots they have to plan, it will allow them to showcase their innovativeness and corporate social responsibility. Per definition, the place of residency determines the mobility choices a resident makes. By putting in place a multimodal mobility offering, real estate developers take away the uncertainty associated with moving to a new place and therefore increase their attractiveness towards potential residents.

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