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Delrue Rent has created an additional 100% digital revenue stream for short-term rental of cars and vans.

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June 9, 2022
For more than 10 years, Delrue has offered mobility solutions to its customers. They are an important player in the Belgian vehicle rental market. Delrue Rent owns a large fleet of more than 500 vehicles: cars, vans and trucks that they regularly update to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Presence in three Belgian provinces with over 10 different sites is a strong indicator that Delrue Rent is a country-wide mobility player with a large customer base.

Delrue realizes that rental services are increasingly shifting online and going digital. This trend could bring important competitive advantages, providing that it is addressed correctly as part of the long-term business strategy and that a reliable partner can offer the necessary tools and platform. Such a competitive advantage creates additional revenue streams. This clearly presents an advantage over competitors that do not offer a multi-channel (traditional + app-based) rental service. Delrue Rent customers can now choose their preferred booking journey: they can either use the traditional service via an agency, or opt for the fully digital and keyless experience via MyMove.

Delrue rent front desk and customer service is now open 24/7 which creates another competitive advantage.

Why did Delrue Rent choose MyMove as a partner?

Delrue needed a partner that allows fast fleet-scaling

In January 2022, Delrue Rent launched MyMove. In the mid-term, they expect to digitalize their whole fleet, thereby effectively creating a double sales-channel for all vehicles. To support their accelerated growth, MyMove is the perfect partner as vehicles can be added quickly to a new, or already existing digital fleet. 

Delrue was looking for a solution that could decrease operational costs

With MyMove, Delrue now supplies a rental service that does not require physical intervention by a staff member or after-sales advisor. Customers can autonomously rent a vehicle, also outside of opening hours. 

MyMove app

Delrue clients can now enjoy the most frictionless digital rental service 

MyMove truly offers an all-in-one solution to facilitate vehicle sharing. In summary, the digital customer journey looks as following:

  1. QR-code: Customers scan the QR-code that allows access to the Delrue Rent shared fleet. 
  2. Know-Your-Customer: Then, a rapid KYC-procedure where we check IDs and driving licenses and payment method verification happens.
  3. Compulsory damage check: Customers will go through an extensive guided damage check.
  4. Happy sharing: Customers can then drive off with the vehicle of their choice. The implemented pricing scheme is very flexible and pro-rata based, meaning that users  only pay for the time they truly use the vehicle.
  5. Return vehicle: an additional end-of-booking damage check is mandatory to ensure that no damages are left unchecked. 
  6. After booking: the customers get back their  deposit

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