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Corda Campus sets up a shared vehicle project to monetize new mobility

Corda Campus
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June 9, 2022
Corda Campus is located in Hasselt, the capital of the Limburg province. It is the largest technology and innovation campus in Europe: it houses over 250 companies and 5000 employees. Startups, scale-ups and local and international corporates are all present on their site. 

Corda Campus is part of LRM, an investment company that has a mission to stimulate economic growth in the Limburg province. Being at the forefront of innovation, tech-hub Corda Campus wanted to implement an innovative vehicle sharing project on its premises. The project addresses mobility issues and is also a valuable business model. Corda Campus is an early adopter of new mobility projects which will shape the future of mobility.

In September 2021, Corda Campus officially launched the MyMove project with electric cars. 

Why did Corda Campus choose MyMove as a partner?

Corda campus electric vehicle powered by MyMove
Electric vehicle available at Corda Campus

Corda Campus needed a partner that ‘can do it all’

MyMove enables Corda Campus to offer and monetize new mobility concepts by setting-up a complete ecosystem of vehicle sharing solutions. 

Corda Campus reaches two customer segments that can both use the vehicles for professional and private trips.

  1. The Corda Campus tenants:

People working on the Corda Campus are now free to choose the most convenient mean of transportation for their mobility needs. Even if they commute by bike or public transport, they still have hassle-free access to a car in case of client visits or external meetings. Outside business hours, these employees can use the MyMove vehicles privately.  With just one click, the MyMove app can be configured to professional or private settings and the billing is handled accordingly. Organizations on Corda Campus can choose whether they want their employees to be billed directly on their credit card or if they want to handle billing with Corda directly. 

  1. Third parties (people external to Corda Campus) :

By renting out its fleet to third parties, Corda Campus further monetize the shared fleet as the ‘pool’ of potential users is enlarged. For example, a young couple that lives in Hasselt and does not own a car, can access a vehicle whenever they need and each booking can be paid directly via the App. Corda Campus is now a new mobility provider in the Hasselt region, directly competing with traditional car rental companies. 

Today, the Corda Campus fleet consists only of cars. In the future, this fleet can easily and rapidly be scaled with more cars, but also electric scooters, electric bikes and e-steps.

Corda Campus needed a partner that can guarantee fast operational launch

The time between the signing of the contract and the go-live of the project was only a matter of weeks. MyMove allows for accelerated fleet set up, car installation, training and kick-off. On top of that, MyMove’s technology is non-intrusive, meaning that the technology that is installed in shared vehicules can easily be removed and does not jeopardize any warranties.

Corda Campus wants to gain insights in usage and the pros and cons of shared EVs

By setting up this project, Corda Campus can soon gain valuable insights about the average mileage of a trip by EV, the frequency of use, the peak-use time slots, etc. Based on this data, the campus can further adjust its offerings to the needs and expectations of the Corda community.

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