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Mobility budget to understand your mobility

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Shared fleet payments

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Pay for private usage of the shared fleet via the mobility budget

  • Unlock private usage of shared fleets via mobility budgets
  • Payment module for mobility budget payments
  • No mobility budget mobile application for users
  • No mobility budget HR platform 
  • No physical mobility budget payment card
  • Connect to your mobility budget HR platform via API

HR Platform & Mobile app

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Easily manage the mobility budget via a HR platform and mobile app

  • Implement & manage any form of mobility budget
  • HR platform for management of mobility budgets
  • Manage the policy on company and user level
  • Connect to social secretaries & automate admin
  • User application to keep track of spending
  • Professional usage is free
  • Pay with mobility budget for private use of the shared fleet
  • Pay for participating mobility services in-app

Payment Card

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Empower users with a mobility payment card

  • Everything in HR Platform &
    Mobile app +

  • Payment card for mobility budget users
  • User’s mobility budget is debited on their cards
  • Linked to HR platform & mobile app
  • Not limited to participating mobility services in-app
  • Pay for private mobility all around the world

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