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You are still in charge

Easily manage your shared fleet from one central dashboard. Keep an overview of your users, vehicles, bookings, alerts and damages reports.

Personalize your settings

Mirror your current organization processes

Enable your preferred options such as operating hours, payment methods, damage checks, etc.
Create your different rental or sharing locations
Generate QR codes for your users to access your fleet

Know your users

Collect all the information you require

Select the fields you need during the onboarding of a new user
Check and manage all bookings and payments at a user level
Create new users and prompt them by SMS to download the app
Easily activate and deactivate users

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Manage your vehicles

Keep track of your fleet data

Collect all your vehicle information such as mileage, autonomy, dashboard lights, planned maintenance, etc.
Manage leasing periods for each vehicle
Lock/unlock from a distance if a situation arises

Never lose sight of a reservation

View, create and manage all bookings

Convenient list or timeline views
Change or end bookings for your users
Analyze your bookings and extract useful reports
Fines are easy to follow-up as you always know who was driving
User gets in-app notification when you adapt a booking
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Reduce manual checks

Receive alerts on your vehicles

Get notified when the fuel or charge level is low
Real-time alerts for dashboard lights
Overview of new damages reported

Handle damages from your desk

Review new damage reports from the dashboard

Simple overview of all reported damages
Assess new damage reported based on the full 360 view images of the vehicle
Plan needed repairs directly from the dashboard
Keep history of the damages, even when repaired


Our mobile app can be integrated with hardware devices of all brands. Combined with our mobile application and fleet management dashboard tailored to your needs, we can equip your fleet with keyless technology and manage it digitally. 

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