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One app, many applications

We make your customers’ or employees’ experience seamless by automating the onboarding, bookings, damage checks and payments.

Keyless sharing

Say goodbye to key exchanges and lost keys.

Let users unlock vehicles through the MyMove app
Maximize your fleet’s potential: allow sharing and rental outside of opening hours
Know who is driving your vehicle at all times

Digital onboarding

So safe, even banks use it.

Remote user identity checks
Advanced AI technology compares user’s documents with a live selfie
Safety guaranteed

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Quick and convenient booking

Let users book vehicles in just a few clicks.

Users can search and book their vehicles of choice in all your locations
Full booking history available in-app
Frictionless user experience means happy customers

Effortless payments

Flexibility for your customers, convenience for you.

Enable in-app mobile and credit card payments
Integrate with mobility budgets platforms
Allow for differentiation between private and professional use

Easy damages handling

Incidents happen, so let’s make them easy to fix.

Request extensive damage checks before and after usage
Ask users to take pictures from multiple angles
Manage damages reports and repairs via central dashboard

Add your own style

Our technology, your branding.

White-label app allows you to add your custom branding
Available in the App Store and on Google Play
Great customer experience


Our mobile app can be integrated with hardware devices of all brands. Combined with our mobile application and fleet management dashboard tailored to your needs, we can equip your fleet with keyless technology and manage it digitally. 

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