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Which steps should I take to receive a mobility budget from my employer?

4.11.2021 7:33

Your employer has introduced the mobility budget? You meet the conditions listed above in the section "Can I benefit from a mobility budget"?‍

If you answered “yes” to these two questions, you can send a request to your employer to exchange your company car or the one you can claim against a mobility budget.

Before such a request, make sure that your employer has given you you the methods of calculation of the mobility budget and the amount you would obtain.

If you are convinced, your request must be in writing.

Your employer can then decide whether to approve your request or not. In both cases, its decision must be in writing and must be communicated to you.

If there is an agreement between you and your employer, it must include the basic amount of the mobility budget.This agreement must be concluded before the first payment of the mobility budget.

Which information should your employer give you?

Once the mobility budget is in place, your employer must ensure that you have access to:

  • Your social security credentials
  • The category of function to which you belong and the date at which you took this position
  • The mobility budget to which you are entitled
  • A list of sustainable means of transport that have already been funded by your company
  • The details of your mobility budget expenses and the balance available
  • Adaptations to your budget in case of a change of function

mobility budget spending breakdown

In addition, your employer must inform you of the supporting documents you must provide for the part of your mobility budget that you will spend in the sustainable transport category (Pillar 2).

Finally, if your company provides you with an application (eg MyMove) or a prepaid card (eg Modalizy), it must ensure that the latter can only finance authorized expenses.

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