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The mobility budget guide for employees

4.11.2021 7:33

Company cars have been one of the pillars of worker compensation in Belgium.

Public demonstrations around climate issues and recurrent mobility problems in cities have encouraged the Belgian government to act. It has decided to introduce measures to reduce the number of company cars on its territory.

Belgium had already introduced a mobility allowance, more commonly known as "cash for car". However, its lack of success encouraged the government to expand these measures and to propose a new mobility budget.

It consists in encouraging workers to exchange their company car against a greener model and / or alternative means transport that are more eco-friendly.

Not only does this enable workers to commute in a more environmentally friendly way, it also offers more alternatives and flexibility to workers to make their journeys.

This guide covers everything you need to know about the mobility budget from an employee point of view.

The structure of the guide is as follows:

Can I benefit from a mobility budget?

What is the amount of my mobility budget and how can I calculate it?

How can I use my mobility budget?

How is the mobility budget taxed ?

Sick leave, overspending, indexation, the ins and outs of the mobility budget

Which steps should I take to receive a mobility budget from my employer?

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