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Sick leave, overspending, indexation, the ins and outs of the mobility budget

4.11.2021 7:33

A lot can happen in your everyday life at your company. You can get sick, have a specific situation that forces you to go over your mobility budget. How doe the mobility budget work in such cases?

Here are the answers to mos frequent questions that you could have as an employee

Is the mobility budget calculated per day, month or annually?

Your mobility budget is calculated on an annual basis.

As explained in Pillar 3, the remainder of your budget at the end of the year will be subject to the special 38.07% contribution. The balance will be returned to you.

You will therefore be required to check with your employer that your total annual budget does not exceed what you actually spend.

Some solutions such as MyMove allow the employee to keep an eye on the budget spent while enabling the employer to keep track of its employees’ total expenses in terms of mobility budget.

If you do not stay a full calendar year with your employer, your budget will be prorated based on the number of months actually worked.

What if I spend more than the amount of my mobility budget?

Theoretically, both your employer and you must have a view on your mobility budget.

However, in case you go over your budget limit, you will be required to refund the difference within 30 days of notification from your employer.

The calculation of the amounts to be reimbursed must be provided by your employer

Can my mobility budget increase year over year, like my salary?

Unlike your salary, the mobility budget is not subject to indexation.

On the other hand, a promotion or downgrade can increase or decrease your mobility budget if it brings you into a new category of company car.

mobility budget indexation

Can I benefit from my mobility budget when I’m sick?

The rules of the mobility budget fall under the same rules as those governing the company car. It depends on the rules of the company.

In any case, you will have the right to keep your mobility budget while you receive a guaranteed salary from your employer

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