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How is the mobility budget taxed ?

4.11.2021 7:33

The tax and social treatment of the mobility budget depends on the category in which you have spent your mobility budget. It can be summarized as follows:

  • Pillar 1: In the same way as a “classic” company car
  • A taxable benefit on the worker’s behalf
  • Solidarity contribution paid by the employer

  • Pillar 2: The budget for this type of expenditure is totally exempt of taxes, both on the fiscal and social level

  • Pillar 3: workers are liable for a special contribution of 38.07% on the balance of their mobility budget.
  • The amount paid will be taken into account for the calculation of benefits due in the branches of social security (sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, pension).
  • It is exempt from withholding tax and is deductible at 100% for the employer.

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