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How can you digitize your traditional rental business?

11.3.2022 15:57

The car rental market is highly competitive and is increasingly digitizing. There have been many new players in the industry over the last few years, creating more competition for traditional rental businesses.

However, your rental company has years of valuable experience and expertise that can simply be translated digitally. 

By offering your customers an alternative digital journey and channel, you will gain the competitive edge you need to beat competition and adapt your service offering to digital generations. Allowing customers to choose THEIR preferred way of renting.

In this article, we explain how you can digitize in a simple and secure way the key steps of a traditional vehicle rental process. 

Customers check-in

According to Auto Rental News, Millenials and Gen Z will become 75% of car rentals customers base. And they no longer want to stand in queues at your service desk, fill out forms and wait outside in the cold while you perform damage checks on their rented vehicle. 

You can cut down the waiting time and the heavy paperwork by offering an online onboarding process where they can register and upload all the documentation you need. 

By digitizing your onboarding process, you can offer your customers the choice to register via a front desk during business hours or digitally whenever it is convenient to them. 

You also save your customers and your staff the repetitive process of onboarding at the front desk every time they rent a vehicle.

Knowing your customers

MyMove verification screen

As a rental business, knowing your customers and who is renting your vehicles is vital. With a manual verification process, your staff can often not recognize fake or stolen documents. It is also time consuming, costly and creates additional waiting time before your customers can rent. 

With a digital approach which takes 2,7 min in average*, you can run a quick background check on the customer and cross-check users' identity against countless databases and blacklists. 

You can also retain a digital record of customers' details, their ID proofs and other important documents like in a traditional check-in process.  It reduces risks, costs and adds an additional layer of security to the onboarding. 

You always know who is renting your vehicles and your fleet is protected!

Damage checks

Damage checks are a lengthy and therefore expensive process. They also leave room for disagreements with customers when assessing the vehicle during check-out. Or with employees who access the vehicle.

With a digital process, you will always know who was driving, at all time. Your customers are required to report damages, fill-in a declaration module and/or take pictures of the vehicle before and after their booking. 

AI technology ensures the users provide a 360 view of the vehicle including the license plate. A data-driven assessment of damage checks reduces the fraud risks and potential disagreements between your employees and customers. 

Customers can be rightfully billed for the damage they caused based on an objective assessment, providing a better customer experience overall. 

Vehicle allocation and dispatch 

A big part of your rental agents work is to allocate and dispatch the rented vehicles.  Too often in airports and train stations, your staff needs to leave the office unattended to bring your customers to the vehicle and perform the damage check. 

In less staffed locations, it can create waiting queues or even force you to close your front desk, creating a poor user experience for your customers.

With a hardware device and keyless technology, you can connect all your vehicles, meaning your customers can unlock and lock the vehicles without your intervention. You can always know where your vehicles are, who is driving them and can even lock them from a distance if required.  

Besides giving the possibility to customers to book and access vehicles themselves, it’s also possible to assign vehicles as operator or administrator to customers, either remotely or when customers are at the point of sales.

Vehicle bookings management

Managing your customers reservations via email, or phone and adding them to your rental booking software is time-consuming. Your staff could be spending this time doing other tasks such as taking care of your fleet or promoting your business. You also often need to reconcile your vehicle's availability with the customer's booking request. 

By adding a digital booking system combined with a dashboard, you can show vehicle availability straight to your customers and save time on processing all the bookings.

Via a booking dashboard, you can oversee all your bookings and vehicles, manually assign users and vehicles, modify bookings and many more!

Fleet maintenance 

The health of your fleet is an important factor that determines the profitability of your car rental company. Telematics nowadays give amazing possibilities to effectively manage and optimize your fleet. You can easily monitor your connected fleet with real-time information on fuel levels, dashboard lights, mileage or maintenance needs of the vehicles.

Through a fleet dashboard you can always know when a vehicle fuel or charging level is low and you can plan for all your upcoming vehicle maintenance while blocking that vehicle in your booking system. You can also track mileage of the vehicles in real time and lock/unlock them remotely if required. So many possibilities, one click away!

MyMove provides both the hardware and software to have access to accurate telematics in one dashboard. Via our fleet dashboards, you can manage your vehicles, bookings and push and pull various data from other softwares you might be using. 


A car rental business relying on manual methods needs a larger workforce to manage everything from booking confirmation to vehicle allocation or dispatch. Besides consuming time, it also creates higher costs for the business owners.

In an era of technology, vehicle rental customers expect more and more rental businesses to offer a digital booking journey. Digital natives have aged and continue to age - forming a huge market share for car rental companies. They have a different vision of car ownership and mobility, and therefore have an increased demand for renting vehicles their way, the digital way.

By digitizing the key steps of your rental process, you will optimize your operations and costs, create a new sales channel and future-proof your vehicle rental company to compete in the market. Allowing your customers to choose THEIR preferred way of renting and being able to accommodate both.

At MyMove, we offer an all-in-one solution to digitize your operations that can be customized to your preferences, processes and way of doing business.

Curious how we can help you transforming and becoming future proof? Fill in the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

*Source: Sumsub

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