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Can I benefit from a mobility budget?

4.11.2021 7:33

It is up to your employer to decide whether or not to introduce the mobility budget for its employees.

When the employer has decided to implement the mobility budget, the employee can then apply to obtain it. The mobility budget can not be imposed on the worker.

It may be that the employer attaches conditions regarding the access to the mobility budget for its employees - for example, employees could have to wait for the end of the leasing of their company car before they could benefit from a mobility budget.

These conditions must be known to employees in advance when they opt for the mobility budget.

However, only certain employees are eligible to benefit from a mobility budget. The conditions are as follows:

For the employer

Provision of a company car in the past
Your employer must have provided one or more workers with company cars for an uninterrupted period of 36 months.

Exception to this rule

If your employer has been in existence for less than 36 months, he may be eligible for the mobility budget.

In this case, the company has to make available to one or more workers one or more company cars, at the time of the introduction of the mobility budget in the company.

For the employee

Be eligible to get a company car

  • the employee has a company car with the current employer or has been eligible for a company car for at least 3 months without interruption


  • during the 36 months preceding the application, he/she has or has had a company car for at least 12 months with the current employer

Exception to this rule

New recruits and new graduates (before 1 March 2019) and / or those who have changed their position (before 1 March 2019) can also benefit from the mobility budget if their new position entitles them to a company car.

⚠️ Be careful: for those who have been promoted or who have changed their position after March 1st, the deadlines apply.

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